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New Jersey, Waanu kaa daboolnay Context link

Caymiska wax kharash ah ku bixin ama kharashka jaban ee laga helo UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Learn about United Healthcare (NJ FamilyCare) health plans we offer in New Jersey.

Caawinta dadka ayaa udub dhexaad u ah wax kasta oo aan samayno

All New Jerseyans deserve affordable health care, including you. Hadaanu nahay UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, waxaan ka caawinnaa dadka inay ku noolaadaan nolol caafimaad leh. Context link We’ve worked hard to deliver on that mission in New Jersey since 1989.

We offer plans to help New Jerseyans get healthy — and stay healthy. We cover adults, people with disabilities, expecting moms and children with our New Jersey Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare plans. We offer a Dual Special Needs Plans for those who qualify for both New Jersey Medicaid (FamilyCare) and Medicare.

We’re proud that our NJ Medicaid (FamilyCare) plan is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of NJ has also achieved NCQA’s Long-Term Services and Supports Distinction for our UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® plan.

See why New Jerseyans choose UnitedHealthcare

Caymis kasta aad doorato, UnitedHealthcare ayaa kaa caawin doonta inaad hesho daryeelka aad u baahan tahay.

  • Bixiyeyaal badan oo shabakada oo kala duwan Context link
  • No-cost virtual visits
  • Daawooyinka dhakhtarku qoro oo wax kharash ah lagu bixin ama kharash jaban Context link
  • Pre- and postnatal care for pregnant moms and newborns
  • Well visits to help catch health problems early, routine shots to help protect against disease, community events, health education workshops and more

It’s easy to enroll. Visit njfamilycare.org or call the NJ FamilyCare phone number at 1-800-701-0710, TTY 1-800-701-0720.

Find COVID-19 resources and information in New Jersey, including local vaccination sites near you. 

New Jersey Qorsheyaasha caafimaadka ee ugu yaraan dhan $0 oo kharash ah Context link

UHC NJ Medicaid (FamilyCare) Plans:

  • Low - or no cost
  • Haweenka uurka leh iyo carruurta
  • Low income individuals and families
  • Shakhsiyaadka indhooleyaasha iyo kuwa naafada ah
  • Da'aad Kasta
  • MLTSS (Managed Long-Term Services and Supports)

NJ Dual Special Needs Plans:

  • No cost
  • Those qualifying for both Medicaid (FamilyCare) and Medicare
  • Shakhsiyaadka indhooleyaasha iyo kuwa naafada ah

Barnaamijyada Sifaysan Context link

Medicaid: Context link Wax badan oo adiga kuu yala 2022 Context link

As a UnitedHealthcare NJ Medicaid (FamilyCare) member, you’ll get great benefits like:

  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Dental includes cleanings, exams, fillings, and other dental work
  • One of the largest provider networks available in New Jersey
  • Vision including eye exam, glasses or contacts
  • Daawooyinka dhakhtarku qoro

Dual Special Needs Plans in 2022

New Jerseyans on a UnitedHealthcare Dual Special Needs Plan (or dual health plan) get many extra benefits beyond those you get with either Original Medicare or Medicaid (FamilyCare).

  • OTC + Healthy Food — $2,700 yearly/ $225 a month for over-the-counter (OTC) products and healthy food in-store or online
  • Post-hospital meal benefit — $0 cost for post-discharge meals, up to 84 meals a year
  • Personal emergency response device that can get you help quickly, 24 hours a day at no cost

MLTSS Program

The Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program is focused on serving frail, elderly and disabled individuals. This program combines traditional health care benefits (doctor visits, hospital stays, labs) and long-term services and supports (providing help in home or community with daily living activities) such as: 

  • Care management — someone to get you the care and support you need 
  • Home and vehicle modifications — in-home medical and safety equipment, plus vehicle modifications, if needed 
  • Home meal delivery — if you can't safely make meals, we'll provide them 
  • Mental health and addiction services cover counseling and other treatments 
  • 24/7 personal emergency response device to get you help quickly at no cost 
  • Adult day care provides friendship and social activities in a safe setting 
  • Respite care — in-home help to give your caregiver a rest 
  • Personal care — someone to help you with dressing, bathing, and dining

Virtual medical and mental visits (D-SNP members)

$0 copay virtual provider visits to discuss non-emergency medical concerns or general mental health conditions from home.

Speak to network medical or mental health providers using your computer or mobile device. Find participating providers online. 

  • For medical providers, visit amwell.com
  • For mental health providers, visit virtualvisitsmentalhealth.uhc.com

Healthy First Steps™

Our program will help you take the right steps to keep you and your baby healthy. Waan ku caawin doonaa: Context link

  • Choose a pregnancy provider and a pediatrician (child’s doctor)
  • Schedule visits and exams and arrange rides to your visits
  • Get supplies, including breast pumps for nursing moms
  • Ku xirnow dhigaalada bulshada sida adeegyada Haweenka, Dhallaanka iyo Carruurta (WIC). Context link

Interpreter services

You and your providers need to understand each other. Not speaking Ingiriisi makes this difficult. We can arrange for an interpreter to be at your appointments.

Health Education

Renew Active® fitness program (D-SNP members)

Renew Active is the gold standard in Medicare fitness programs for body and mind and can help keep you active at a gym or from home. It’s available with many UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® plans, at no cost.

You get a free gym membership at a nearby fitness location that you select from our network.* Most members have a location within just a few miles, some with a pool. You can also bring a family member or a friend to the gym with you to assist in your workout at no cost. If you prefer to work out from home, you can view thousands of on-demand digital videos and live streaming fitness classes.

Renew Active includes: 

  • Gym membership at no additional cost to you
  • Large and extensive fitness network of gyms and fitness locations
  • On-demand workout videos and live streaming classes
  • Social activities
  • Online Fitbit® Community
  • AARP® Staying Sharp® — online brain health program

*The Renew Active program varies by plan/area. Access to gym and fitness location network may vary by location and plan.

Health education workshops

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Jersey offers free health education workshops to help everyone live healthier lives. We offer programs for children, parents and seniors, and that cover men and women’s health issues.

Workshop topics include:

• Asthma • Lead poisoning • Childhood obesity • Cyber-bullying • Diabetes • Heart disease • Injury prevention • Medication safety • Nutrition • Make your doctor’s visit worthwhile • Parenting skills • Stress management • Understanding breast cancer • Baby showers for expectant moms

Wax ka baro noocyada qorshaha Context link

Medicare ID Card

Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP)

Dual Special Needs Plans (also called dual health plans or D-SNPs for short) are for people who get both Medicaid (FamilyCare) and Medicare. Dual plans cover doctor visits, hospital stays and prescription drugs. They offer more benefits and extras than Original Medicare. You’ll keep all your New Jersey Medicaid (FamilyCare) benefits too.

Exchange Card

Medicaid (NJ FamilyCare) Plan

NJ Medicaid (FamilyCare) is health insurance for people with low incomes. You might be able to get Medicaid (FamilyCare) in New Jersey. if you’re pregnant, have children or live with a disability. Xaaladaha qaarkood, dadka waaweyn ee kale ayaa sidoo kale laga yaabaa inay u qalmaan. Context link Costs to you are low and based on your ability to pay. It’s important to know that Medicaid (FamilyCare) rules and coverage differ from state to state.

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