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Indiana, we’ve got you covered

Caymiska wax kharash ah ku bixin ama kharashka jaban ee laga helo UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Learn about UnitedHealthcare Medicaid health plans we offer in Indiana.

Caawinta dadka ayaa udub dhexaad u ah wax kasta oo aan samayno

All Hoosiers deserve affordable health care, including you. At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we help people live healthier lives.

We offer many plans to help Hoosiers get healthy — and stay healthy. We cover adults, people with disabilities, expecting moms and children with our IN Hoosier Care Connect Medicaid plan.

See why Hoosiers choose UnitedHealthcare

Caymis kasta aad doorato, UnitedHealthcare ayaa kaa caawin doonta inaad hesho daryeelka aad u baahan tahay.

  • Large variety of network providers
  • Low- or no-cost prescription drugs
  • Well visits, routine shots, community health events and more
  • Dental and vision services
  • Transportation to medical appointments

Watch the video at right to learn more about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Indiana.

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Qof waliba wuxuu u qalmaa daryeel caafimaad oo la awoodi karo, oo aad ku jirto adigu. Context link

People who are aged, blind or disabled and caretakers of children in foster care, should check out UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

We have the Medicaid benefits and extras that can make a real difference in your life. All at no cost to you.

  • Caymiska ilkaha
  • Caymiska aragga Context link
  • Transportation for medical appointments and other approved trips
  • A NurseLine available 24/7 to answer your health questions

Mararka qaarkood, waxaa laga yaabaa inaad u baahato cawimaad yaroo dheeraad ah. Context link Get extras not covered by Medicaid.

  • Dedicated support from the same Member Services advocate every time you call us
  • As a new member, earn a $50 gift card when you complete your health assessment
  • Our On My Way program provides helpful tips to prepare for adulthood
  • Learn about our referral programs for low-cost internet or a free mobile phone

We also offer resources to help you make the most of your plan, including: 

  • Diabetes supplies 
  • Well visits and immunizations
  • Daawooyinka dhakhtarku qoro
  • Mental health and substance use treatment 

Visit IN dot gov slash Medicaid for more information.

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We are here for you, Indiana.

Remember to choose UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

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To learn more about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan,

visit UHCCommunityPlan dot com forward slash IN. 

Indiana health plans as low as $0 cost

IN Medicaid Plans:

  • No- or low-cost
  • Low-income individuals
  • Shakhsiyaadka indhooleyaasha iyo kuwa naafada ah
  • Foster children and wards of the State

Featured Programs

Medicaid: More for You in 2022

As a UnitedHealthcare IN Hoosier Care Connect member, you’ll get extra benefits that some plans don’t offer.

Hoosier Care Connect is a program that serves members who are aged, blind or disabled, and also includes children in foster care and wards of the State.

  • Help with getting services and support
  • Member rewards for getting the care you need
  • Alternative healing reimbursement
  • Helpful apps for your phone or computer
  • High school equivalency program 
  • Mom’s Meals, delivered to your home
  • Referrals to low-cost internet resources
  • Free mobile phone service referrals
  • Healthy First Steps, a program for pregnant moms and their babies
  • 24/7 access to a nurse or doctor

Choice of doctor

You’ll have a primary medical provider (PMP) who’ll be your main doctor. Your PMP is the person you see for most of your care. This includes checkups, treatments, vaccinations, minor injuries and health issues. Talk to your PMP about any other concerns you may have. Your PMP can help you decide the right options for you.

Your PMP is your main doctor for:

  • Preventive care like checkups, cancer screenings and vaccinations
  • Treatment if you are sick or injured
  • Referrals to specialists for certain conditions

Use the Doctor Lookup Tool to see if your doctor is in our network. If you don’t have a PMP or if your doctor is not in our network, we can help you find a new one close to you. You can change your PMP at any time.

Booqashooyinka onlaynka ah context link

Mar walba ma fududo inaad shakhsiyan u booqato dhakhtarka. Virtual visits (or telehealth) let you talk to a doctor 24/7 using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Daryeelka caafimaadka ee fog (Telehealth) waa ikhtiyaar wanaagsan oo lagu daaweeyo xaaladaha caadiga ah ee u baahan daawaynta caadiga ah. Waa kuwaan tusaalayaal:

  • Riiraxyada, hargabka, iyo qandhada
  • Qufaca, jir xanuunka, iyo cune xanuunka
  • Xasaasiyada, firiirica, iyo cuncunka
  • Caabuqa kaadimareenka/kaadiheysta
  • Caabuqa dhegaha
  • Caabuqa sanka
  • Goonjabka/madax xanuunka
  • Iyo in ka badan

Member Services Advocate

Managing your health care alone can be hard, especially if you’re dealing with many health problems at the same time. If you need extra support to get and stay healthy, we can help. All of our Hoosier Care Connect members have access to their own Member Services Advocate. Your Member Services Advocate can help you:

  • Understand the Hoosier Care Connect program
  • Find a doctor, dentist or eye doctor
  • Explain your benefits and coverage
  • Talk to you about special programs that are available to you
  • Help you get materials in your preferred format (Braille, large print, audio file)
  • Connect you with a Care Manager if needed
  • Find resources located near you to help you with other problems like food, housing, transportation, employment, feeling safe or education
  • Iyo qaar kale oo badan


Haddii aad u baahan tahay gaadiid, macaashyadaada waxaa ka mid ah gaadiid-raac. You may have a $1 copay for each one-way trip. Waxaan daboolnaa safarrada lagu aado:

  • Medical appointments
  • Vaccination appointments
  • Pharmacies (when a prescription is ordered during a visit)
  • Food pantry
  • Ballamaha WIC
  • Ballamaha u-qalmida Medicaid
  • Member Advisory Council meetings

Baabuurta leh rakada gure-guraha ayaa diyaar ah haddii loo baahdo. Waxa sidoo kale aad u qalmi kartaa kaarka baska ama lacag-celinta la raacida baabuur saaxiibada iyo qoyska.


24-hr. Nurseline

Speak to a registered nurse anytime 24/7 to get answers to any health-related question or concern.

Kalkaaliyeyaasheena way:

  • Listen to symptoms
  • Help with self-care
  • Advise you about getting care at a doctor visit or an urgent care center
  • Help you know when to go to the emergency room

Well Visits

Well visits with your doctor can help you stay healthy. These visits can catch health problems early, so they can be treated. You should see your PMP every year for a well check, even if you aren’t sick or your symptoms are under control. Preventive services include:

  • Checkups for adults and children
  • Well-baby care
  • Care for women expecting a baby
  • Routine shots and tests
  • Mammograms
  • There’s no copay for preventive care

Quitting smoking or vaping

Joojintu way adag tahay, balse waan kaa caawin karnaa. Did you know that 20 minutes after you quit smoking, your heart rate drops to a normal level? Iyo 24 saacad gudaheeda kadib markaad joojiso heerka kaarboonmoonoksaydh dhiigaaga ayaa caadi ku soo noqonayo.

Kala hadal dhakhtarkaaga wax ku saabsan joojinta. Or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) to get free coaching, counseling and supplies to help you quit.

UnitedHealthcare Member Rewards

Doing simple things that are good for your health deserves a reward. That’s what you get with UnitedHealthcare Member Rewards. As a IN Hoosier Care Connect member, you could get a gift card for:

  • One-time gift card for completion of your Health Needs Survey within the first 90 days
  • Yearly gift card for well child visit or adolescent well care 3 to 21 years old
  • Gift card for lead screening (under age 2)
  • Annual gift card for dental visit for those 2-20 years old
  • Timely gift card for follow-up after hospitalization for alcohol and other drug use

Learn about plan types

IN Medicaid ID Card

Medicaid Plans

Indiana Medicaid (Hoosier Care Connect ) is health insurance for people with low incomes. You might be able to get Medicaid in Indiana if you’re pregnant, have children or live with a disability. In some cases, other adults also may qualify. 

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